May IS The Month All 67 Florida Counties Begin To Offer The Previous Years Delinquent Tax Certificate Lien Bidding To The Public.

I Host My Signature Florida Tax Certificate and Tax Deed Workshop Intensive During That Time Period Once Each Year.

We Will Be Bidding, Buying & Investing in Florida Real Estate Tax Certificates "HANDS-On" The INTERNET. Learning and Earning...

Tax Deed Sales and The Florida Tax Deed Process Will Be Explored.

Actual Examples, Experiences, and Observations of Current and Past Tax Deed Sales Will Be Discussed.

Many Florida Counties Offer Tax Deed Sales On The Internet, While Others Still Do It The "Old Fashioned" Way (On The Courthouse "Steps").

You MUST Make The Commitment To Register and Sign-Up Early To Reap The Full Benefits Of This Specialized Highly Intensive Knowledge and Training.

County/Portal Registrations, Dates, Auction Schedules, DEPOSITS, Pre-Auction Counseling Session, Etc. Make It Important To Get Squared Away Early In May...

Coming Up: May 2023     Next Offering: May 2024

New Early Advance/Flexible Training Format

With Auction Schedules and Bidding Preparation



Florida Tax DEED Training

Multiple LIVE Florida County Tax Certificate AUCTIONS!

Get Out of The Gate May 1st & Hit The Ground Running!  Sign Up Today... ✍️✅

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